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Today I am sicken at the thought of another woman lying dead in some isolated cane ground  as an animal, exposed to the element, never to smile again, to sigh, to sing, or even defend her actions at the hands of a mere man…

Have we taken up the daily grinds of what women in our society go through on a daily basic?

They are abuse verbally, emotionally, sexually and physically, many are living the tales of a life gone wrong and are hoping and praying that they are not next. All we want is to be love, respected and share mutual understanding.

How hard is that?

Our greatest downfall is that we do not understand our strength and the impact we can make if we take a stand for our rights to live and love. If each of us takes some action it would start a revolution. That’s the power we hold in our hands.

My heart pains me as I watch women suffer under the guise of sticking it out and people pleasing syndrome. While the men are glorify as INVESTORS ….spiralling their egos out of control..

Are we now common stock on a market; that we are paraded, pampered and primed to be killed as lambs toslaughter?

LOVE is a serious affair some wear it on their sleeves, others are cautious and thread softly. LUST on the other hand is a set upand LIES are feed to us that we are weak and feeble without a man. So we need to settle.

Have we looked back at our SHEROES…who fought tooth and nail for our rights and won?

It’s time we take a leaf out of their book and embrace who we are as women; we are not only weaklings as some would think…we are the fabric that holds society together.

If any of you experience almost drowning and the grabbing at straws effect ….Thats how ONICKA GULLIVER must have felt as she drew her last breathe.





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WARNING!!!! Men are taking the statement “till death do us part ” literally. Leaving women living all over the region and aboard in fear of their lives.

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Today another woman died at the hands of a man, whose mind was stimulated and conquered by jealousy, anger and rage.

One wonders what goes on in the mind of such an individual, knowing that he has cause a family and by extension a whole nation to be in sorrow and tremendous pain over a young vibrant life cut short by ignorance and low self-worth. How remorseful is he today as he sits and ponders on his vicious action?

Now what are some of the immediate impacts this recent murder has on the psyche of other women in abusive relationships, be it emotional, financial and physical? Maybe some are wondering, “Am I next in line?”  This trend that is developing among the men in this country is one that is truly frightening.

As much as we try to implore men to respect and hold strain, a man who is set on committing any act of violence, seldom think straight or give way to reason. I can only ask women to get to know the person they allow in their sacred space, and look for the signs.

Even as we contemplate on this violent act today, let us remember to keep the victim’s and the accused family in our prayers.

Death is a stink we would never become accustom to, especially when it is premature and brutal……

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As I sat my desk to write this blog I thought about the many issues that are bouncing off the lips of the populance in (Bimshire), Barbados of late. Firstly the Minister of Finance daring the Opposition leader to streak down broad street, if she wants some attention. At a time when we are facing financial BLUES in our economy, streaking by the Opposition leader could only hold our attention for so long.

We face major challenges as businesses as all across the country they are closing their doors, and the unemployment dagger strikes daily cutting far and wide sending some to BLUES Berry High at night.

Bringing me to another BLUES, where women are forced to stay in relationships with men who might be the only breadwinner and thus they become the dictator of the home, using his financial advantage to dominate another human being. I have watched situations where women are emotionally and financially abuse until battered into someone who no longer has any self esteem and pride. As a result, the children are neglected, homes become battlefields and life becomes a war zone for the survival of the fittest. By the time she comes to her senses if she ever does, its either kill or be killed.

Leading me to my next BLUES, a mother who is in a RUT and has no self esteem cannot function at the level of wise Counselor to her children, thus leaving them to their own vice and destruction and I wonder to myself, can this be one of the many factors that have contributed to our young children who receiving no motherly guidance, has lead them to seek out attention in whatever way possible. These same children have gone to the next step of creating BLUES, live and direct on their Iphones and Tablets or whatever technology available to them at that time to broadcast live from (Schoollywood) School, putting Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood to shame.

My final BLUES is not being able to put down my vehicle and jump on a bus and go anywhere for a ride without been stake out for hours, or set a date with LIAT only to be told that we are not going or they would be LATE to pick me up.

Of late there have being so much BLUES happening across Barbados, that I’m afraid to look at the BLUE notes in my purse even that might soon start losing its value. As for the ones in the treasury they were seen at Grantley Adams International Airport on a flight heading to the I.M.F.

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Anyone who knows my Sunday morning ritual when it comes to reading, knows that by six 0’clock I would have read the Sunday Sun from front to back while catching up on some other reading before I start my day, but on this particular Sunday my whole palette was spoilt with the front page. Here it is, showing an old lady of seventy-six (76) years…in other-words someone’s Granny walking with a cane and added support, going to court to answer charges.

Not for stealing, not for driving recklessly on the road and she was surely not going to court to answer to being the victim of abuse of the elderly but rather she was being brought before the law court for HUMAN TRAFFICKING….yep, you read right!

Well this one surely took the cake or rather rattle my teapot. I stop and read it twice just to make sure I had all the facts right as stated in the paper. How could someone, a mother herself at such a ripe age encourage young ladies to sell themselves for gain(putting it nicely), at the expense of her dignity and freedom? (Who say its only young people who are reckless and unstable?)

The newly formed sex crimes and trafficking unit cracked down on the Nelson street business in the city and held five Guyanese women. Now we need to establish some facts; It’s not only Guyanese women who are involved in this trade, there are women all over the world who find pleasure in doing this thing.

One has to wonder though, what motivates them, is it out of love, desperation, financial gain or are they just being forced into a bad situation. I think it is time we wake up to the fact that this has been going on for a longtime and it’s just now being brought into the forefront.

The seriousness of this whole situation is that she is involved in a business that seems not to be making her any profits-she cannot even make her own bail now that she is caught! One has to ask the question; was she in it for the profit or just being used as a front to shield whoever is really hauling in the big bucks?

The whole jest of it is, if you are going into business, at least the PIMPING GRANNY should be able to come away smiling and not be locked up in a DODDS cell, contemplating her next move or that of her PROFITING PROSTITUTES!

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What is this world coming too, when a woman decides to take money from a man who has raped her young daughter? Well this seems to be the NEW NORMAL in Barbados these days.THE NEW NORMAL IS FOR Mothers to take hush money to stop a case from going to the law court and for justice to be serve.

THE NEW NORMAL IS ABOUT Mothers who are willing to lower their moral standards for what?……CHICKEN CHANGE!….to feed their MAUBY POCKET, CHAMPAGNE TASTING EGO….. And GHETTO FABULOUS LIFESTYLE.
I never thought that I would live to see the day when a woman would let a rapist go free after he had violated her daughters’ innocence, so she can fund her habits of keeping up with the Jones.

The stark reality is that they themselves have commit a crime called AIDING and ABETTING against their daughters by condoning the act and leaving the rapist to do this heinous act over and over again.

One of most frightening reality is the perpetrators who come fully loaded and dangles his wealth in front of a poor uneducated woman who is barely making ends meet…corrupting the justice system and fiddling with the law…$10,000 dollars will be a lot to resist for a woman who has no husband, six children to feed,high utility bills and an empty bank account.

It’s time we educate our women that money cannot buy everything,It cannot buy trust,it cannot buy peace of mind,it cannot buy respect,neither can it remove nightmares,broken self esteem and the stigma of abuse….we need to teach our daughters the value that goes along with their precious bodies. and stand up and battle for their rights.

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Has fiction sold women a lie?

Has fiction sold women a lie?.

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